Counter Intelligence & Debugging

ASIG’s Countermeasure Sweeps also referred to as Debugging Services or Bug Sweeps, handles all types of counter electronic eavesdropping operations. We handle cell phone and hard line tap detection, radio frequency (RF) bug detection, room testing for RF (also known as Radio Signals broadcasting), hidden microphones, and tape recorders. Our experts, who come from backgrounds such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), inspect telephone instruments, telephone systems, all hard wiring, (including cable lines), phone lines, electrical lines and Cat5 or Cat6 wiring. In addition, we can locate and detect GPS trackers and GPS logger tracking devices in vehicles and other property. Our computer services include computer hacking detection, spyware detection and removal, virus detection and removal, and Trojan Horse detection and removal. In addition, we perform physical sweeps and counter-intelligence services of your offices, homes and vehicles.