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Who we are?

We are proud to serve as Wilton Manors, FL trusted private investigator services provider. As fellow members of Wilton Manors’ beautiful community and passionate professionals, our team of private detectives understands the sensitivity and complexity of our clients’ cases. Combining state of the art surveillance techniques with sought after detective skills; we have uncovered the truth for thousands of cases.


Why us?

As experts with over 60 years of combined experience, our team has an unparalleled track record of conducting cheating spouse, civil & criminal, missing persons, surveillance and fraud investigation. We are considered national leaders of the investigative industry. Our firm’s core values are built on honesty, integrity and excellence. Unlike our competitors, we never accept a case without certainty that we can help you! While our agency handles all types of investigations, the most common types of cases we receive include infidelity/cheating spouses, domestic matters, fraud and surveillance. In our ever-changing world, infidelity has continuously grown, especially among older men and young couples. While cheating amongst couples has become a common occurrence, the vast majority of people still consider adultery to be wrong, and rightfully so. If you’re the victim of a cheater, you deserve to know the truth and nothing but the truth!

20 common sings of a cheating partner include:

  • Sudden change of habits
  • Unexplainable business trips
  • Leaving early and returning late
  • Hidden bills and letters
  • Works excessive overtime
  • Unexplained expenditures
  • Phone hang-ups
  • Coded text messages & emails
  • Holiday absences
  • Scent of another man or woman
  • Purchasing jewellery
  • Less sex
  • Discretion about gym membership
  • Hidden bank accounts
  • Evasive behaviour and defensiveness
  • Prickliness
  • Excessive grooming
  • Unexplained purchases
  • Disliking of surprise visits
  • Obvious deception

Unfortunately, once people suspect infidelity, their suspicions are usually proven correct. However, in some suspected cases infidelity is not present. Therefore, any doubts should be verified by hard evidence such as video footage and photographs that speak 1000 words for them. If you are suspecting that you may be the victim of a cheating partner, fraud or even a crime, take advantage of our free consultation and let us help you today. We are fully licensed and insured, and are proud members of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI) and Broward County Bar Association (BCBA).

We invite you to take the first step towards getting the answers you deserve by contacting us for your free consultation today.

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