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October 20, 2016
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Top 5 reasons for hiring a PI

Between a drastic rise in crime rates, financial scams, deception by spouses, employees and associates and hundreds of other threats, hiring a private investigator often proves as a valuable decision to mitigate risk and obtain the truth.

Here are some of the top 5 reasons why private citizens, corporations, and attorneys hire private investigators:

  1. Criminal investigations
    With limited resources available to law enforcement agencies, and a spike in crime rates, a lack by police to properly investigative a case has become a common occurrence. As a result, private citizens, business owners and corporations often hire the help of private detectives to solve their cases and help to ensure that justice is served. Equally important, attorneys often find great value by hiring private detectives to investigate the alleged crimes of their clients and uncover reasonable doubt to proof their innocence.

2. Investment scam risk
Especially in South Florida, investment scams have become a common occurrence. Between fraudulent business entities and smart con artists out to steal your hard earned money, the possibilities for investors to become victims of a financial scam are endless. As a result, verifying due diligence of potential investment opportunities and the individuals involved are a crucial first step.

3. Employment background checks
Whether hiring internationally or locally right here in Fort Lauderdale, decision makers must take the proper pre cautions to ensure potential employees are exactly who they say they are. Resumes containing false information about an applicant’s education, certifications, experience, and often previous employment have become all too common in today’s competitive job market. While some online “background checks” may provide criminal records, they do not suffice in vetting a potentially new employee. By verifying all information provided by an applicant, and conducting a thorough due diligence investigation about the applicant’s past, private investigators are able to determine if the individual is competent, qualified and trustworthy before a hiring decision is made.

4. Child custody case
In the vast majority of child custody cases, hiring a private investigator is an absolute must. Generally, the courts will award custody of marital children to one parent based on what the judge perceives to be in the best interest of the child. Hiring an investigator, often allows an individual and his/her attorney to obtain evidence and facts that provides a clear picture to the courts that the opposing party is unfit to obtain custody.

5. Cases of infidelity
In today’s world, dating and meeting new people has become as easy as downloading an app or joining a site. As an unfortunate result, unfaithfulness has drastically increased over the last years leaving many people and often families hurt and devastated. Whenever infidelity is suspected a professional investigator can discreetly obtain evidence and facts, such as photographs and video, that even the most skilled liars and manipulators cannot dispute.

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