Personal bodyguards, also referred to as executive personal security, are famous for protecting pro athletes, politicians, and celebrities. But there are numerous other reasons to hire a professional bodyguard to use in more common situations.

Crazed Ex-Spouse

Let’s say you’re going through really nasty divorce proceedings with your spouse, and the safety of you and your loved ones is at risk. You could get a restraining order. However, the news frequently has stories about mad spouses who harm their former partners. A professional bodyguard can give you protection, security, and peace of mind. Domestic violence could erupt at a moment’s notice, and a highly trained bodyguard could deter any possible retribution.

Overseas Business Traveler 

Maybe you’re a business executive who has to travel to countries with a lot of unrest. It’s not uncommon for criminals to seek out unaccompanied foreigners to rob or abduct them. Hiring professional personal security in Florida can differentiate between a possible dangerous business trip and a business trip without incident. 

Politician or Community Activist

You don’t need to be a celebrity or athlete to be well-known. You could be a local politician or community activist going to a city council meeting to express your unpopular opinion.

Maybe you’re a TV personality who’s getting unwelcome attention from a specific viewer. You have disturbing letters and emails, or you see someone prowling outside the TV studio. Get a personal bodyguard to assist you in going to and from your vehicle to the studio. You could also have a professional bodyguard drive you to and from your workplace. The result is a heightened level of security that deters unwanted attention. 

Courier of Money or Valuable Jewelry

If you regularly transport valuable jewelry, notable merchandise, sensitive papers, or vast amounts of money from one location to the next, you could draw unwelcome attention. It’s an excellent idea to have a bodyguard drive you and these items securely to all the necessary locations.

Threatened or Bullied on Social Media

You might find yourself becoming the topic of widespread online chatter because of a remark you made, or has been made about yourself by others on social media. These types of comments could result in cyberbullying, and it’s prevalent among young people. 

According to a recent study by, 47% of children in 30 countries admitted to receiving intimidating or threatening emails. Personal security, especially for your child, is vital in these circumstances when you want to safeguard your loved one from social media trolls who wish to take their threats further.

Children Get Home Safely

A problematic domestic situation or social media threat could lead to fear about your children’s well-being. Your employment position might not let you check daily to make sure that your kids go safely to or from school. A professional bodyguard could offer secure transportation to ensure protection for your children in public and stay with them until you get home from work.

Hiring a Personal Bodyguard

If you want a personal bodyguard for you or your loved ones, call us at ASIG. We have an excellent reputation for providing dependable personal security services. 

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