Asset Searches

A foundational principle of law is the making of the injured party whole. However, that may not be possible if assets are not immediately visible or obtainable.

The long arm of American Special Investigative Group can find assets that may not be apparent or easily captured. Asset searches include situations of judgement collection, litigation, probate, as well as recovery of assets from fraudulent schemes. We use a variety of methods and strategies to unearth assets both internationally and in all 50 states for law firms, private clients, government organizations, and corporations.

  • Judgement Collection: Locate assets and accounts in all 50 states to fulfill judgements against individuals and businesses.
  • Business Assets: Reveal corporate and business assets for contract disputes, due diligence, litigation, and judgements.
  • Litigation Asset Search: We conduct thorough searches of defendants assets, providing strategies for litigation and settlements.
  • Divorce Asset Search: If one party to a divorce proceeding conceals assets, we discover them.
  • International: Locate overseas assets and holdings for debt collection and legal judgements.
  • Investment Fraud: When investment opportunities are fraudulent, we get to the truth, thus enabling financial recovery for our clients.
  • Probate, Trusts, and Estates: We find estate assets, removing doubt from probate proceedings.
  • Receiverships: Provide assistance to both state and federal receivers, allowing recovery for defrauded investors and creditors.

Types of assets we are able to locate:

  • Bank Accounts (domestic and offshore)
  • Brokerage & Investment Accounts
  • Real Estate
  • Art Collections
  • Business Assets
  • Construction Equipment
  • Vehicles, Boats, Airplanes

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