Background Checks

Most professional organizations today run background checks on their potential hires. Hiring someone who has a questionable moral compass or has been involved in activities that would make the business look bad is avoidable.

At its heart, a background check is an investigation that delves into a person's personal and professional past. There are several situations where a background check may be necessary, including:

  • Seeing if someone is suitable to hold a public office
  • Hiring a new employee
  • Investing in an individual's business idea
  • Taking on a new tenant

Background checks don't fall into a standard format, and for each different scenario, you will need specific information. Background checks are specifically designed to highlight information that might not fit with what the individual has previously represented. Our investigators go to great lengths to ensure that the information they get is real and an accurate representation of what our client needs to make an informed decision.

Infidelity Investigations

Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals, and our infidelity investigations are geared towards people who think their spouses are breaking that contract. If you believe your spouse may be cheating, hiring us to perform an infidelity investigation is the best choice. We are private and confidential with our inquiries because we understand the nature of the topic at hand. Feelings are always involved in these types of investigations, and having a professional helping you to figure out the truth will save you embarrassment and anguish in the future.

With the institution of marriage in grave peril, Americans are becoming more aware that they need to figure out whether their spouses are unfaithful to them to avoid problems. Making accusations without proper evidence will only cause drama and can lead to emotional pain and trauma. Let our professional experts help you to get the proof that you'll need to prove your case in court. Consulting your lawyer with the evidence we provide will allow you to figure out the next steps you should take to resolve the issue.

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