Child Custody Cases

Children face the worst parts of a divorce case and deciding where they should go falls to the court. However, because of the type of social situation, there are allegations leveled at both parties, and it becomes difficult to separate truth from lies.

You can hire one of our private investigators to perform in-depth research and evidence-gathering exercise. Using audio and video recordings, along with collected pieces of evidence, we can provide a detailed view of how your partner interacts with your child for the court. In cases like these, the proof is a necessity to convince the court of your point of view.

Our investigative process involves several different facets. We interview witnesses that are not in close contact with the parent but can witness their behavior. We also perform a detailed asset search to locate any hidden assets that may make your financial holdings look less than they are. We also cover a background search on the person, so that we can back up the evidence we provide with the truth about their life. These findings can help you prove what you know about them to help you regain custody of your child.

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