Civil and Criminal Investigations

Investigations that we offer come in both criminal and civil variety.Our clients are then able to use the evidence we gather for their own pursuit of justice.

Civil investigations usually happen before a civil case. Within civil litigation, two individuals present evidence in court on an issue that they think infringes on their rights as citizens. This type of case is among the most common that we undertake for private individuals. The evidence-gathering process is done over a period, and based on what we find, your lawyer will be able to advise you on whether you should pursue the case or not.

Criminal investigations are different in that the evidence we gather is usually based on a criminal case. Our clients hire us to locate evidence or a crime or a claim for a particular purpose. While criminal investigations had previously been the domain of law enforcement, we offer private citizens to hire professionals to conduct their own criminal investigations. Senior members of our team were former members of law enforcement. As such, they are intimately aware of the steps that a criminal investigation should follow.

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