Due Diligence Investigations

There are various methods that may be used to unearth the necessary information, all of which are completely viable and legal. These include human sources of information, such as conducting interviews, as well as open-source and proprietary technological investigations.
With decades of experience, we have helped financial institutions, wealthy individuals, private equity firms and banks get the information they needed to assess potential risks and make the best possible decisions.

Partnerships are often necessary for growth. When done correctly, they can greatly benefit everyone. However, caution should be exercised and no stone left unturned in assessing the landscape. An integral part of that is knowing your partners to the deal, including and especially the information they may not want you to know. Even if some of this information may not be pertinent to your immediate situation, it may reveal a lot about whomever you may be going into business with. And if the information happens to be material to your transaction, it could make all the difference. It could reveal that your deal is not worth the risk. Moreover, even if you do decide to go through with the deal, information about your partners could provide leverage in negotiations, thus creating an advantageous position.

With this in mind, due diligence investigative services can help untangle several issues. The information uncovered can encompass multiple aspects: the reputations of potential partners; the validity of their representations and disclosures; their involvement with government officials, as well as the stability of regulatory regimes in their respective jurisdictions; the strengths and weaknesses of their operations; and whether there are undisclosed related party interests or beneficiaries. Moreover, our due diligence investigations also cover personal matters, such as information that may not come up in a standardized background check in the hiring of a high-level executive. These include misrepresentations of employment history or educational degrees, legal or financial troubles, as well as undisclosed corporate affiliations both past and present that could shed more light on the individual. 

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