Executive Protection

Executive protection or close protection offers a combination of security and mitigation of potential risks to ensure the safety of our clients. Elite members of our team train our executive protection personnel.

Specifically, our Personal Protection Agents have training in marksmanship, first-aid, and driving in addition to standard executive protection training. We routinely serve celebrities, visiting dignitaries, politicians, and anyone who requires an elite team of personal security to meet their needs.

Most executive protection work happens before any event. The planning for potential problems and dealing with escape routes all happen before we set boots on the ground. Tactical representatives ensure that all our team members are in communication, and our heads of department set plans in place to ensure that all eventualities are dealt with. Our senior staff members use their years of expertise within governmental units to guide the strategies we put in place.

Our personal protection teams also engage with the overall security plan. They are trained to help you with administrative tasks such as transportation and lodging. Being aware of the details for those elements can help to secure the safety of our VIP.

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