Litigation Support

The bedrock of litigation is information. A case is only as strong as the preparation of the legal team.

In order to be fully prepared, there are instances where external help is necessary. That’s where we come in: In order to get you what you need, we readily utilize our full complement of skills in intelligence, information collection, and operational skills. Information is power, and with our services our clients are well-equipped not only to react to events that occur, but to anticipate them and be at the ready when the time arises.


Evidence Collection

Evidence collection is key when building a case. It makes all the difference in whether your clients come out on top. As such, we pride ourselves on our effective collection methods. Within our range of skills is the ability to access information that will assist our clients in crucial moments. This information can be physical or data based. The physical aspect can mean anything from obtaining documents and global public records to locating potential witnesses, all while complying with jurisdictional requirements globally. In the digital realm, extracting and hosting digital information in a technically sound manner, obtaining data from social media and the dark web, and locating potential evidence through cyber review. Chain of custody is always maintained in order to ensure authentication of evidence. Furthermore, we evaluate the strength of evidence held by your opposition. Knowing both your and their strengths will lead to better decisions and better outcomes for you and your clients.

Asset Tracing

Our years of experience in the intelligence community have enabled us to find assets across different jurisdictions, while working within the relevant laws and procedures. Not only does our reach extend across jurisdictions and countries, but we can also analyse offshore companies and trusts. Our asset detection solutions will place the intelligence you need in your hands. No other service is comparable. With our help, no case or evidence is beyond your reach.

Adversarial Analyses

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

In order to build an effective legal strategy, it is of the essence that you understand the strategy, strengths, weaknesses, and priorities of the opposition. ASIG provides our clients with not only the information and evidence needed to have the strongest possible case, but a full assessment of the opposition. This can encompass anything from just the relative strength of their evidence to potential evidence of their misconduct.

Misconduct Identification and Leverage Creation

American Special Investigative Group has a close familiarity with fraud investigations and identifying illicit behavior in our clients’ opposition. These include but are not limited to financial fraud, pyramid or ponzi schemes, copyright infringement, involvement with organized crime or just general malfeasance. Once empowered with this information, our clients can then use this information to gain the upper hand, by either bringing the information forth to the appropriate authorities (in relevant cases), or simply allowing for that information to create the necessary leverage during litigation.

Why Choose American Special Investigative Group

As our team has accumulated decades of expertise in law enforcement, the intelligence community and as legal investigators, complex litigation support is one of our core specialties. We are an award winning private investigations firm, and our litigation support team includes former intelligence officers, former federal investigators, board certified legal investigators, forensic accountants, and expert witnesses. When taken in totality, our methods combining technological advancements with our extensive subject-matter expertise allow our clients to rest assured that they will be in the strongest possible position in situations of impending legislation.

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