Missing Persons

Occasionally, people disappear, dropping off the face of the map altogether. Sometimes, people perish because of criminal circumstances. Finding these individuals takes skill and dedication, two traits our missing persons' investigators display.

Whether the person is trying to hide or are the victims of a crime doesn't matter. Our investigators sift through all the evidence we have, delving into all of our resources to help them offer you closure. In many situations, contracting us might be your best bet to getting a positive result from your missing person case.

Many police departments have a minimum amount of time that someone must be missing before they can mount a search. Sometimes that window can be as much as forty-eight hours - far too long for the police to reliably pick up a trace and find the individual. This limitation doesn't hamper our private investigators, and we start searching the minute you come to us with your report. There's a far better chance of us recovering them if we get started early on. With our resources and our skilled investigators, we are confident we can find them before it's too late.

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