Skip Tracing

Bad debts can cause people to leave a city or town to leave them behind. Skip tracing is a methodology for finding someone who left a location to escape their debts.

Usually, we're contracted by firms or organizations that want to locate people who owe them money but seem to have disappeared from their locale.

Skip tracing is an involved process that requires our investigators to use all the resources available to them to find the individual you're searching for. Skip tracing doesn't only work as a way to find people who owe you or your business money, however. There are several types of individual that a skip trace investigation works for including:

  • Absent defendants on a case
  • Clients that have sworn fraudulent documents
  • People who have defaulted on their debts
  • Witnesses in lawsuits that fail to show
  • Estate heirs that are missing
  • Missing relatives

Our methodology for tracing individuals starts with a current address. We follow the breadcrumbs, including things like deeds of sale and receipts that lead us to where the person-of-interest is located. We leverage our connection of contacts, along with surveillance networks and public databases, to help us find our target. We believe in the confidentiality of our gathered information and approach skip tracing with the highest of ethical standards.

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