To become a personal bodyguard in Florida, an individual must possess excellent judgment and common sense.

This occupation is a thinking person’s game. You are attempting to keep your client out of harm’s way. As their bodyguard, you achieve this by using your mind to investigate a situation, have the foresight to detect possible threats, and to use your skills effectively in the moments that matter..

Personal bodyguards must have both the initiative to work alone and be a team player as part of a protective team. You may be working alone on several assignments. One-on-one protective jobs are customary, or your project might be that of a security driver that remains with the vehicle.

Personal Bodyguard Qualifications

A personal bodyguard pays attention to every little detail. You understand the importance of having a good appearance and wearing the right attire, depending on the situation. A personal bodyguard must keep a positive attitude. You’ll work stressful, long hours, usually with no thanks other than the fact that everyone is still alive.

A good disposition comes with a positive attitude; how you always behave with a client. You are the person next to the client all day long, their guardian, always ready to act if necessary.

Excellent physical and mental health is an absolute must to manage a protective assignment. The job requires long hours, always being on alert for any dangers. It puts a physical and mental strain on the body daily. It would help if you sustained your strength and health to operate as a personal bodyguard. You never know when something might come up, and you must use those strengths and physical attributes to get your client and yourself out of a dangerous situation.

A driving school is where you will get one of the most valuable educations. The resulting skill set is one of the most vital aspects to possess when considering someone for hire. Daily driving is a way of life for everyone. As a personal bodyguard, you must have offensive and defensive driving skills.

In most assignments, you’re not going to have to perform a PIT maneuver or bootleg turn,

but these skills are critical, contingent on the place where you’re providing service, like a high-risk city or country. Nonetheless, defensive driving is a skill you could use every day regardless of where you’re transporting your client.

Basic Medical Knowledge

One of the most crucial aspects of a personal bodyguard is to obtain some medical knowledge. At the basic level, a personal bodyguard must have first aid and CPR training. Anyone who desires to become a professional bodyguard should get certification and training as an EMT (emergency medical technician).

Firearm Training

You should carry a gun only if you have a firearm permit. It would be best if you always obeyed the host country’s firearm laws on whether you can legally carry a weapon.

Becoming a Personal Bodyguard in Florida

At ASIG, these professional security agents have the training and expertise to protect you and your loved ones in a dangerous situation. Reach out to us today if you feel you have the qualifications to become a personal bodyguard. 

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