Being in a relationship delivers a feeling of everlasting warmth and security. You never imagine your other half to cheat, but sadly, these devious acts are quite common, and so are infidelity investigations.

Recent data suggests that 14% of women and 22% of men cheat. Other studies show that 45 – 55% of married women and 50 – 60% of married men had sex outside the union. While the numbers differ, the conclusion is the same: cheating is widespread.

An infidelity investigation is problematic even under the best of circumstances. The sense of guilt, doubt, and betrayal can be very hurtful and devastating, resulting in a loss of good judgment and impartiality. Anyone that thinks they might be an adultery victim could begin an infidelity investigation to unearth the truth in an unbiased manner. A skilled infidelity investigator knows how to operate discreet surveillance and collect evidence that you could use to substantiate infidelity.

What is Infidelity?

According to the dictionary, infidelity is having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than your loved one.

This definition means that infidelity doesn’t just happen to married couples. Infidelity or cheating extends to anyone in a relationship with presumed exclusivity like girlfriends, boyfriends, and engaged couples.

The breach of a relationship can be emotional or sexual. Infidelity is also known as adultery, unfaithfulness, having an affair, and cheating. Regardless of the name, the situation is tough, and the evidence will help you see the truth and make a decision.

What is an Infidelity Investigation?

An infidelity investigation involves secretly tailing a person cheating supposedly and obtaining video or photographs as evidence.

This evidence is usually for child custody, divorce, or some other legal case. Sometimes, a client wants to know if their loved one is unfaithful. Besides videos and pictures, an infidelity investigation also includes researching dating and social media websites. An infidelity investigator will do whatever is possible to get to the truth.

The Role of an Infidelity Investigator

According to a Newswire survey, over 40% of marriages had cheating spouses. Most people who hire an infidelity investigator when they think their other half is cheating are right.

As soon as you believe cheating is going on, your second sense might be correct. An infidelity investigator can decide what activity is taking place so you can make an informed decision. When you accuse your partner of adultery, be sure to have proof in hand. By following your partner or spouse, you get answers to the questions that have been bothering you: “Is he really working late?” “Is she really shopping with her sister?” “Why is my spouse acting weird?”

With the truth, you could put your mind at ease and move forward, whether you want to work on your relationship or end it. For your peace of mind, it’s best to know one way or another.

ASIG has an excellent reputation for professional, tactful conduct while performing an infidelity investigation. When you want to find out once and for all if your partner is cheating, contact us to start the process.


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