Executive Protection

Personal Protection Division

Our philosophy and strategies of providing personal protection follow that of the U.S. Secret Service, with many of our agents being former federal agents. Together with our sister agency, U.S. Special Protection Group, we provide discreet, professional personal protection services to business executives, politicians, foreign dignitaries, celebrities and other individuals in need of professional personal security. Our team of experts utilizes specially tailored tactics that ensure the highest security levels available in the industry without compromising our client's privacy and comfort. Our Personal Protection Agents always adhere to our client's special needs, whether those needs become scheduling/itinerary coordination, expedient transport, confirming travel, lodging, dining reservations and other service-oriented arrangements. We are there to protect AND to facilitate.

Personnel and Training

Our agents are primarily recruited from the finest US law enforcement agencies and military units including the U.S. Secret Service, C.I.A., and vetted operators from the U.S. military's special forces.All of our Personal Protection Agents receive at least 80 hours of pre-assignment asset protection training, which consists of use of force, civil law and powers of arrest, and an additional 180 hours or executive/close protection training, including the following:

  • Kidnap and assassination incidents and avoidance
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Tactical firearms training
  • Combat communication & movement
  • Surveillance detection and counter-surveillance techniques
  • Protective detail operations and motorcade procedures
  • Benchmarks and importance of advanced security surveys
  • Emergency medical training and first-responder certification
  • Behavioral traits exhibited by potential assailants
  • Command post operations
  • Force-on-force scenario-based training exercises
  • International community relations and human diversity training
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U.S. Special Protection Group is owned and operated under American Special Investigative Group.
Security Agency License: B 1400126